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Arlene Dijamco, MD

Thank you for visiting our website to learn about me and All Worlds Health and Pediatrics. The practice represents so much of what I am all about, what I have learned, and how I believe patients should be treated – as partners worth listening to and working with to bring out their healthiest selves. To help you understand how we’re unique, I would like to share my story of how I got into integrative medicine.

I grew up in a family of conventional physicians who saw medicine as a noble calling. Going further back, my ancestors were both healers and farmers. From an early age, I was deeply interested in health, nature, and the connection between the two.

During my undergraduate days at Harvard and medical school studies at Emory, I was schooled in the rigors of science. In many studies, some subjects would receive an active drug or therapy while others would get a “placebo,” an inert pill or other sham treatment. The two sets of subjects wouldn’t know the difference. Frequently, much to the surprise (and dismay) of researchers, the placebo had a positive effect. When it did – when, in too many cases, an inactive pill made people better just like an active medicine did – the researchers would be back to square one.

I thought the placebo effect was wonderful! How was it that a person’s health could improve seemingly all on its own? Could we harness this power to help people get better all by themselves? It was hard, if not impossible, to get good answers to these questions. Still, the placebo results made me believe, more than ever, that we could do so much more. I wanted not just to harness not just the placebo effect, but to learn more about how health works and how it can work better.

I continued my training with a pediatric residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. It was another excellent institution, a place with plenty of lessons and great people. Still, something was missing. I yearned to learn more about things that I thought should essentials to healthy living – like nutrition and stress management – that hadn’t really come up at Harvard, Emory, or Albert Einstein. With the arduous hours and roller coaster of emotions you ride in an inner-city hospital, part of this quest was personal. To address my own stress, I gave yoga a try. Yoga reminded me how to breathe … easy, deep breaths that cleared the mind and connected me. During this time, I also came upon the writings of Dr. Andrew Weil – the Harvard-trained physician, author, and healthcare pioneer widely viewed as the father of integrative medicine. Aha! He was one of the first I came across who thought about the placebo effect the same way I did, believing in the vast potential of the human body, mind and spirit to help itself heal. While this perspective isn’t always common in mainstream medicine, it’s as old as medicine itself. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates said, “The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.” 

While in New York, I explored the integrative medicine programs at Columbia University and New York University. After finishing my residency, I began a two-year integrative medicine fellowship based in Tucson, Arizona, that Dr. Weil founded and still helps run. Here, I found myself surrounded by open, like-minded physicians and integrative practitioners whose combined knowledge was like no other. Conventional medicine was invaluable, I knew. But so were the myriad ways that have been used for centuries, by people from all different cultures, to help people get and stay healthy. I learned so many new things, such as that omega-3’s can help reduce inflammation; access to nature can improve behavior; and healing touch can balance your energy. When I finished my fellowship, my therapeutic tool box had expanded exponentially. I’d been exposed to, and in many cases had hands-on practice in, different perspectives, techniques, and remedies that went well beyond surgery or a pharmaceutical drug. My desire to learn had grown significantly, too.

I was particularly intrigued with cranial osteopathy, discovering how a gentle treatment could do everything from straighten one’s smile to clear up ear infections to treat seizures. I began attending conferences run by The Osteopathic Cranial Academy and became friends with leaders in the field, eventually shadowing one particularly talented and well-schooled cranial osteopath. It helped, too, that this healing tool came naturally to me: My musical background and natural intuition were useful for the fine, perceptive skills needed to feel subtle rhythms that are fundamental to cranial osteopathy.

It was around that time that I was also introduced to the work of Edgar Cayce through a good friend and have been a student of his work ever since. Edgar Cayce was a 20th century psychic and medical clairvoyant who has been called the “sleeping prophet” and “father of holistic medicine.” His work was meticulously documented with over 14,000 readings, which is made available by The Association for Research and Enlightenment, or A.R.E. I’ve incorporated many of the ideas presented here into my mind-body-spirit practice. “Every soul has a purpose,” and the A.R.E. quarterly magazine Venture Inward is dedicated to exploring just that. It is with great honor for me to be a part of that journey. In fall of 2021, for the 90th anniversary edition, I started a column in Venture Inward called “MultiDimensional Medicine.”

It is my mission to help wake up medicine and bring the intuitive Spirit back because it was never meant to be separated in the first place. I love to incorporate what I call the intangibles of health — the mental, emotional, and spiritual. I’d like to normalize addressing those layers in all of medicine. Healing is in every layer, including but not limited to the physical.

Just before the pandemic, I also started a podcast called The MultiDimensional MD to support my mission. You can find it on YouTube at If you’d like to join me live, I’ll be there most Wednesdays at 11am EST.

All these things I’ve learned, and put to practice every day, are in addition to a solid foundation in conventional medicine. I worked at a medical clinic for military families in northern Virginia and at a pediatric practice and hospital emergency room in Massachusetts before coming down to my home state of Georgia. Here, I’m excited to devote my energies to a practice that combines the best of all that I’ve learned – hence the name, All Worlds Health and Pediatrics.

I am honored and excited to offer you all that I have learned. My goal is to help your family feel healthier, happier, and more complete. While I cannot predict what will happen, as each person, each issue, and each treatment is unique, I can promise that I’ll bring an open heart and open mind to everything I do.

Wishing you the very best,
Arlene Dijamco, MD, FAAP

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classical homeopath

More on Carrie and Homeopathy

Carrie grew up with Dr. Dijamco in the Atlanta area, hanging out at each others houses, trading funny stories, and sharing their dreams. One thing they had in common was a passion for helping others. Carrie’s journey included stops at American University, the University of North Carolina, and New York City. That’s where she began studying classical homeopathy in earnest, in addition to other healing arts like flower essences. It was only natural, then, that these two friends, Carrie and Dr. Dijamco, would work together to use their combined knowledge to make people feel healthier and happier.

While she calls North Carolina home, Carrie is a world traveler who often visits Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia) to learn more about natural healing wonders, including herbals, CBD, oils, and breathwork. She can help patients wherever she is and wherever they are by phone, email, or Skype. She also makes regular visits to our Roswell office. To be notified of her visits, sign up for our newsletter and/or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

reflexologist and energy practitioner

More on Shuli and Energy Balancing


Shuli Xu is an experienced reflexologist and energy healer. After being the founding owner of Jolie Spa for twelve years, she has decided to focus fully on her energy healing practice. Her training includes studying with Richard Bartlett, Usui Reiki Level 1-2, muscle testing, Access Consciousness, and myofascial release. After many years of practice, she is still eager and humble to learn and advance her knowledge of hands-on healing. In fact, her spare time is spent in energy healing classes which is how Shuli and Dr. Dijamco met. We are thrilled to have Shuli join our team here at All Worlds Health.

specialty yoga

Susan was first introduced to yoga about 17 years ago when she moved to the Atlanta area. Knowing that yoga eased her chronic low back pain she decided to obtain her yoga teacher certification in order to help others. She is a 500RYT and RCYT. Her emphasis in teaching has been on yoga as therapy and children’s yoga.  Her studies have included program hours in yoga for adults, children, prenatal, PTSD and individuals with special needs. She loves to create custom classes for individuals or small groups for restorative yoga, yoga for special needs, and prenatal yoga.

Susan and her husband, Jim, are empty-nesters with two daughters, Lindsay and Sarah.  She and her husband, and their three dogs live on a small farm in Alpharetta with free-range chickens, bees, and an organic garden.  Susan also loves to paint landscapes and portraits, play tennis, and read.

About Specialty Yoga

life essence coach

Dacey is a naturally intuitive person with a big heart for people, plants, and animals. She is the creator of the Life Essence workshops and upcoming 1:1 coaching to help you make your life even more amazing. Come learn how a shift in how you see things can change your life. Her Intuitive Vision Board workshops are a fun way to learn how to access your intuition and how to manifest the life you want. Check out our Events page to find out about upcoming workshops, and/or sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

This California girl has been happily settled in Roswell, GA for many years now. She has two teenagers and spends many weekends at junior golf tournaments.

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