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A MultiDimensional COVID-19 Tool Box

A compilation of my go-to resources for COVID-19, from mind-body exercises, how to deal with emotional triggers, energy medicine, herbals, supplements, diet, qi-gong, osteopathy, and more. I’ll be adding to this throughout the pandemic.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN IN AND VIEW THE FREE COVID-19 TOOL BOX (which includes all of the above).

You can also access a List of Immune-Boosting Supplements via my online apothecary. Click here to sign in to the online apothecary and access the List of Immune-Boosting Supplements.

YouTube Channel

Did you know I have a YouTube channel with livestreams weekly on a variety of topics? My live podcast is called The MultiDimensional MD – Waking Up Medicine. There are also free guided meditations. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

RNE Parent University 11-13-20

You Can Get Through This: Practical ways to boost resilience and ease stress and anxiety for you and your kids


Demonstration of Kids Meditations

These are easy to teach to kids from preschool to elementary school on up. Click HERE for YouTube Playlist

How to Eat Food Not Chemicals

Would you like to make safer food choices for you and your family? Decipher food labels and learn which ingredients to avoid. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS FREE COURSE