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Dr. Dijamco loves the West Coast and visits Northern California once or twice a year to catch up with family and friends. Since getting her license to practice in the Golden State, she is making a point to set aside time to see a handful of patients of all ages for cranial osteopathic treatments and integrative health consultations.

If you or someone else in California is interested in an appointment, please use the contact form or call us at 678-629-3988. We’ll tell you when we plan to next be in the area. California patients may also be eligible for integrative health and mind-body appointments via Zoom or FaceTime.

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Stories from Northern California fire relief

Thank you for this gift of movement, of release, of permission, of peace. It was more than I could imagine. - Anna S.
Thank you so much for the love you showed us with such a hands on approach. Your detailed instruction was definitely helpful, as our current stress level does not make it easy to follow instructions. I was very surprised by how good I felt afterwards. I found it interesting that I started laughing during the process, as I hadn’t really laughed in such a long time. I still can’t explain why I started giggling out of no where! Lol! It was the weirdest most welcome thing, that when we got home, I was in such a happy mood! I thought I would be tired and sore from the process but instead I made dinner and was singing while I cooked! I even danced a bit! Lol I just felt lighter and less worried than I had since the fires. As you know we had the memorial for my husbands family member lost to the fires, the very next day. It went good as can be expected and we were able to handle it well. My husband and I had the best most peaceful weekend, that we have had in nearly three years. We have had one trauma after another during that time, the fire being the the last straw. We so deserved a break from the heavy feeling on our shoulders and the dark feelings in our home. We Thank You greatly for that. It has now been three days since the treatment and I’m still feeling great. I may try the Tres today, just so I don’t forget the process and to be proactive. I’m sure my husband will do it with me. I thank you so much for giving of yourself and coming here to help us in Sonoma County. It has been a life changer! With warm gratefulness,- Lizzie D.
My daughter had been having 2-5 nightmares a night for a month since the fires. We were caught for two hours between exploding cars and houses. Dr. Arlene said that she had a lot of stress scared tension built up with no outlet. After her treatment, she had her first night with no nightmares! Thank you! I'm sold!- Rosa Grant
Lovely, relaxing, welcoming. It made me forget to be stressed.-

Northern California was devastated by recent fires that consumed thousands of homes as well as schools, vineyards, and businesses, and taking the lives of loved ones. I took the picture above from a suburban neighborhood in Santa Rosa. The cars are charred to their frames. And you can see that only the brick chimney stacks of homes remain. There were endless streets that looked just like this one.

I spent two incredible long days there, offering six group Tension & Trauma Release workshops with osteopathic treatments scheduled in-between. There were so many profound shifts in the people that attended. One little girl had been having up to 5 nightmares a night since getting caught between exploding cars and homes. After her treatment, she slept soundly for the first time in a month.

It wasn’t uncommon to hear people say that coming in for the TRE workshop and/or osteopathic treatment “saved them.” I saw people come in shock, weeping, with difficulty focusing, to then leave shortly after feeling more lighter, more relaxed, and more alive. I have tremendous respect for the people that came. It took courage to be able to come and help themselves. It’s difficult for me to say how I would react in the same situation. Could I keep my heart open? Would I close down? Being able to help them inspires me. I am moved how the human spirit can literally come out of the ashes and shine.

The love and compassion in the community is apparent. People helping strangers. Those without homes still giving out free meals. Everyone asking each other, “Are you OK? Do you have a place to stay?” Thank you Stacy Duval ( for your amazing ability to connect with people and their stories and for being such an awesome organizer. Thank you Deborah Craydon ( for helping bring the beauty of flower essences to our space and group. Thank you to Church of the Incarnation for lending us a peaceful place to gather. And thank you to all of you that spread the word, sent positive intentions, and graciously donated. You all were an integral part of helping heal this community.

Like a Phoenix rising — Sonoma Strong.

Much love,

Arlene Dijamco, MD

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