Tension & Trauma Release Workshop, Wed June 19 @ All Worlds Health
Jun 19 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Tension & Trauma Release group workshop

Ready to relax and destress? Learn a lifelong self-help tool to tap into that calming reflex – in just one hour!

TRE, the “shaking meditation,” was noted in Harper’s Bazaar as one of the biggest wellness trends of 2019. It was also recently featured in the May issue of Oprah magazine.

If you have already been to a TRE class, you may consider signing up for 1) a refresher, 2) to deepen your practice 3) if you prefer to practice TRE in a group setting.

Tension & Trauma Release Exercises, or TRE®, are an innovative set of physical exercises that activate a natural mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases deep muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.

You could benefit from TRE if you
– would like to feel more calm and relaxed
– have a chronic illness
– want to sleep better
– would like to support your digestion
– have had a sports injury
– have had or are going through major life transition (death of a loved one, divorce, move…)
– want to feel more balanced
– are ready to release old patterns
– want to connect with others more easily
– want to boost your resilience

Open to the public. You don’t have to be a patient to participate.

For ages 14+, $65 per person, which includes booklet.


Here’s what recent TRE participants at All Worlds Health have said:

“I haven’t felt this calm in I don’t know how long. I feel a sense of relief like a physical weight has been lifted.” (worried Mom)

“You should teach this in all the schools.” (Teenage girl)

“I sleep so much better after doing TRE.” (Woman under stress)

“Amazing! Totally unexpected and powerfully potent bodily experience with such positive psychological results.” (Dr. Steve Fox, Psychology professor)

“A great experience. Felt relaxed afterwards and mental clarity during the process.” (Stressed student)


Email us via the contact form or call 678-629-3988 to register. Space is limited!


Angel Whispers with Maudy Fowler @ All Worlds Health
Jun 22 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


So happy that mystic and angel whisperer Maudy Fowler is visiting us again!

If you ever feel lonely or afraid, remember you have a guardian angel!

Talk to your guardian angel, other guides, loved ones that have crossed over, and feel their love and support.


Maudy is an award-winning author and inspirational speaker. Her books include Angel Whispers and Angel Messages, both of which have been translated into multiple languages.

Her book, Heavenly Messages, co-authored with Gail Hunt, won the prestigious Best Inspirational / International Book of 2008 in Europe, over fellow nominees Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra.


Originally from The Netherlands, Maudy now lives in Charlotte, NC. She travels all over the world to give empowerment presentations to help people “turn their luggage into a backpack.”

Maudy is also a Mystic and Angel Messenger, who also assists people through messages from angels, which she calls ‘angel whispers’, to aid those left behind here on earth.


This is a two-part event.

In the first part, Maudy and her daughter Priscilla will give a presentation, lasting about 30-45minutes. You are encouraged to bring a notebook and take notes!

In the second part, Maudy will answer one question for each attendee. Sometimes people want to hear from a loved one or other times have a more specific question about their lives.

Many people that attended the last Maudy event are already signing up!

We are thrilled for you to join us.


This event has a sliding scale rate of $70-$111. Sign up soon as we expect this event to fill.

Even the little details can matter, for we can live a life of intention even in these details. Pick the rate that you feel comfortable with. You can pay with cash or check written to Maudy Fowler.

The meanings behind the single or repeated digits of 7, 8, 9, and 1 are summarized below, as written in Maudy’s book Angel Messages.


  • 70 or 77 — The number 7 is a magical number that symbolizes open doors in many directions. Lucky number 7!


  • 80 or 88 — The angels are telling you not to hesitate! Walk through the door. There may be a welcome change in your life journey.


  • 90 or 99 — Spiritual growth is taking place. The angels are embracing you as you will be helping more people.


  • 100, 110 or 111 — An opportunity is opening up. If you are waiting for something, the angels are telling you it is in process.


If you would like to sign up or receive more information about this event, message us, email us via the contact form, or give us a call at 678-629-3988.

We can send you a complete flyer with the details.