santa rosa wildfire (photo of burned neighborhood)

All Worlds Foundation

In 2018, I created All Worlds Foundation — now a 501c3 nonprofit — when helping people affected by wildfires in California. The Foundation is dedicated to helping people and communities recover from stress and trauma.

Many of you have experienced the benefits of our services at All Worlds Health and know first-hand just how valuable this kind of help can be.

We bring much-needed aid in the form of trauma release workshops, homeopathic remedies, osteopathic treatments, energy medicine, and more.Since All Worlds Foundation was formed, we have been able to organize workshops and treatments in Northern California to help with wildfire relief efforts. The personal accounts of loss, narrow escapes, and ongoing overwhelm, are devastating.The same was true when helping students, faculty, and staff at a Caribbean medical school displaced by last year’s hurricanes. Although we cannot change what has past, we can do something now, lending a hand however we can.The capacity for the human spirit to heal is limitless. Here’s what participants of our Foundation workshops have said:

“Thank you for this gift of movement, of release, of permission, of peace. It was more than I could imagine.”

“Amazing! Totally unexpected and powerfully potent bodily experience with such positive psychological results”

In March, 2019, I traveled to Parkland, FL, just shy of the one-year anniversary of the MSD school shooting that shook the world. There, we will organize healing workshops to lift the spirits and improve the wellbeing of the community.Throughout the year, we also sponsor individual patients in high need of integrative medical services who cannot afford the care.We have more projects in the works, some local, some far, all with the same goal of deep healing of the human spirit.Whether you can donate your time, skills, money, or other resources, we are so appreciative and happy for your help.

$10 – booklet for trauma release exercises

$50 – sponsors five people to participate in a trauma-release workshop, to help heal after natural disasters, violence, grief, or other huge stress or loss.

$100 – sponsors a group of ten who have survived a huge trauma

$500 – sponsors a child or adult to receive integrative medical treatment for half a year

$1000 – sponsors a day mission to run multiple group workshops for survivors of hurricanes, wildfires, violence, or other traumatic experiences

We rise by lifting others.

We rise by lifting others.

Thank you for this gift of movement, of release, of permission, of peace. It was more than I could imagine.
Anna S.
Thank you so much for the love you showed us with such a hands on approach. Your detailed instruction was definitely helpful, as our current stress level does not make it easy to follow instructions. I was very surprised by how good I felt afterwards. I found it interesting that I started laughing during the process, as I hadn’t really laughed in such a long time. I still can’t explain why I started giggling out of no where! Lol! It was the weirdest most welcome thing, that when we got home, I was in such a happy mood! I thought I would be tired and sore from the process but instead I made dinner and was singing while I cooked! I even danced a bit! Lol I just felt lighter and less worried than I had since the fires. As you know we had the memorial for my husbands family member lost to the fires, the very next day. It went good as can be expected and we were able to handle it well. My husband and I had the best most peaceful weekend, that we have had in nearly three years. We have had one trauma after another during that time, the fire being the the last straw. We so deserved a break from the heavy feeling on our shoulders and the dark feelings in our home. We Thank You greatly for that. It has now been three days since the treatment and I’m still feeling great. I may try the TRE today, just so I don’t forget the process and to be proactive. I’m sure my husband will do it with me. I thank you so much for giving of yourself and coming here to help us in Sonoma County. It has been a life changer! With warm gratefulness,
Lizzie D.


I am currently working on philanthropic projects to help people in high-need of trauma-release both locally and far.  Through All Worlds Foundation, I have been able to offer complimentary trauma release (TRE) workshops, booklets, homeopathic remedies, energy medicine, osteopathic treatment and more.



If you have suggestions for areas or people in need, and/or would like to help fund a particular project, contact us.

Thank you! We sincerely appreciate you!

Much love,

Arlene Dijamco, MD


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