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Carrie Hamilton, HMC (homeopathic master clinician)

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy treats the individual in order to increase vitality and restore balance, or homeostasis, supporting a person’s own natural healing ability. Homeopathic remedies are carefully selected based on the information you share during your consultation. The details of your illness and your individual characteristics all help guide the selection of your remedy. These include your past and family health history, reactions to life events, as well as your mental makeup. Sometimes, a detail that may seem random and insignificant to you or others, may be the key to finding your remedy. In a classical homeopathic consultation, taking time to share your life story is also an important initial step on the healing journey. Understanding how you experience the world is key to the classical homeopath’s process in uncovering your best health.

Carrie’s Story

Carrie Hamilton, HMC is a Homeopathic Master Clinician with a true desire to find the root causes of dis-ease. Her natural warmth and compassion help her to connect easily with others. As an artist, she also has a keen eye for subtleties, which enhances her skills in the healing arts, as well. Carrie’s own profound healing experiences with single homeopathic remedies inspired her to pursue training in classical homeopathy. Louis Klein of Vancouver, Canada and Jan Scholten of The Netherlands have made enormous contributions in the field, and Carrie feels honored to have studied directly with them and others. In the spirit of integrative health, she may also combine homeopathic remedies with flower essences and other energy therapies. Carrie feels it is a gift to be a part of the All Worlds Health & All Worlds Pediatrics team in your path to wellness. 

Within classical homeopathy, Carrie’s focus and expertise is helping people with constitutional remedies. A constitutional remedy is a single medicine that is used to treat a constellation of symptoms within an individual. It is generally used to treat chronic cases in which a condition has lasted more than six months.

We just love to hear the many stories from the families we see. These small miracles are why we do what we do. Here’s one from the mom of a 3-year-old boy who saw Carrie for a classical homeopathy consultation:

“I actually wondered today if there was anything different because he wasn’t in that “fight or flight” searching out things he gets stuck in today or yesterday. He just seemed to flow better from one thing to the next and connect with me more than objects. Normally there is a 9 yr old girl who loves to play with him because she’s from a family of 5 and had a little brother. He usually doesn’t pay attention to her and is focused on finding certain toys. Today twice he said her name and wanted to tell her what he was doing. I was quite surprised.”

These words were actually from the child’s regular Occupational Therapist (OT), who he sees twice a week. The OT had no idea he was taking a homeopathic remedy from Carrie Hamilton! These subtle and profound shifts are very powerful in the individual’s development. Homeopathy works in a different way than we are used to seeing or experiencing with allopathic medicine. It transforms the whole person, not just the symptoms of the problem presented.

Dr. Dijamco on Homeopathy:

Because cranial osteopaths can feel the effects of the homeopathic remedy on an individual’s rhythms, we often have a great respect for homeopathy and its myriad uses. Homeopathic remedies are actually energetic medicines that can actually enhance the cranial osteopathic treatment and vice versa. Although I also use homeopathic remedies, I will tend to use them for more acute conditions and acute exacerbations of chronic conditions. I defer to Carrie’s expertise for choosing a constitutional remedy, which generally is for ongoing conditions lasting more than six months. Whenever there is a plateau in healing, a stuckness, a precise constitutional remedy can help you shift to a new level.

What is a homeopathic appointment like?

The appointment itself is a therapeutic process. During your session, you’ll have an opportunity to share the details of your life story that are important to you. Even those little details about your symptoms that may seem nonessential (eg., do you prefer to cover your neck with a scarf or clothing or leave it open) could be keys in finding your remedy. After your appointment, Carrie will then take time to research your case. Once a remedy is determined, she will send you detailed instructions for your remedy. Often we will special order remedies from a homeopathic pharmacy to her specifications. You can expect to be able to pick up your remedy (or have us mail it to you) within two weeks of the appointment.


  • Complimentary Homeopathy Introduction via phone (15 min) FREE
  • Initial Classical Homeopathy Consultations in-person, Skype or phone (85-115 minutes) $280
  • Initial Classical Homeopathy Consultations in-person, Skype or phone (85-115 minutes) for family member of patient (family discount) $225
  • Follow-up Classical Homeopathy Consultation in-person, Skype or phone
    • (85 min) $225
    • (55 min) $150
    • (30 min) $100
It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. ~Hippocrates

Carrie is an avid traveler. Here she is with new friends in Cambodia.

How to Schedule

We are lucky to have Classical Homeopath Carrie Hamilton be with us in our office for one week a few times a year for in-person consultations. Current patients of Dr. Dijamco may schedule their initial classical homeopathy consultations over Skype or FaceTime.

Once established with Carrie, follow-ups may be made over phone, or Skype/ FaceTime, or in-person. Dual appointments with Dr. Dijamco and Carrie Hamilton on Skype are also available in-between her visits if extra support is needed.

If you would like to schedule a Classical Homeopathy consultation with Carrie Hamilton, please give us a call at 678-629-3988 or email us via the Contact Form.

If you are wondering how classical homeopathy might help you or your child, or have any other questions before getting started, you may schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone introduction with Carrie Hamilton.

Parent Present: A parent must be present in the consultation room with all children 12 and under. Children 13 to 18 can be present without parent in the room unless the child requires the parent or it is decided that the parents presence is essential to understanding the case. If a parent needs to speak with me outside of the session to discuss issues that cannot be shared in front of their child, please schedule a separate phone or in-person consult.

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