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Energy Balancing

In these energy balancing sessions, Shuli combines the best of all her training. She integrates an intuitive energy assessment with mind-body guidance and quantum physics. You’ll also have an opportunity to participate in your own healing. These sessions are both gentle and enlightening. Chances are, you’ll leave having learned something about yourself, and in doing so, this helps to clear the path towards healing — because all true healing starts from within.

About Shuli

Shuli Xu is an experienced reflexologist and energy healer. After being the founding owner of Jolie Spa for twelve years, she has decided to focus fully on her energy healing practice. Her training includes studying with Richard Bartlett, Usui Reiki Level 1-2, muscle testing, Access Consciousness, and myofascial release. After many years of practice, she is still eager and humble to learn and advance her knowledge of hands-on healing. In fact, her spare time is spent in energy healing classes which is how Shuli and Dr. Dijamco met. We are thrilled to have Shuli join our team here at All Worlds Health.

I want to say thank you for the wonderful service I had with Shuli.
I want to tell a little bit about what happened to me. It all started it with sleeping in a bad position and having a neck pain. This pain didn’t go away and became something on my every day. Having this pain for almost a year I got tired because I could no longer exercise or sleep well. I decided to go to the doctor and after a x-ray they saw my nerve was inflamed on my shoulder affecting my neck and part of my back and they said I had to take a corticoid shot, which I did. My pain was relieved for probably about 10 days and I started feeling the pain getting back little by little. So because I’m not a big fan of taking strong medicine I just thought I was going to live with this pain. I was trying some natural things as well.
One day talking to Lia, she offered me a massage with Shuli, And I thought why not try. I just wanna make sure to say that my arm didn’t even raise all the way up because of the pain I had in my right shoulder, I could not sleep on the right side and I could not make any exercise lifting weights.
During the massage she started it to talk to me while she was massaging my body, and she was asking questions about my feelings, if there was someone that hurt me on my feelings, and if I should forgive this person. I quite didn’t understand why all this conversation while I was doing massage, But she was not only healing my body, she was also healing my soul.
I walk out of the massage after one hour without any pain. I could lift my arms without no hesitation. I started get back to my normal life and exercises without having any pain. I was completely amazed of how fast I got the solution for my pain. I highly recommend Shuli.

Belkiss Suarez

I’m very grateful to have come across Shuli. I have been doing several healing modalities and tried many practitioners. Everyone has helped me in some way.

Over the past few days, I started having pain in my left ankle and leg. I was very frustrated because I thought I was making progress on healing my body and gaining confidence in moving forward with my life. I have felt stuck for a long time. I was so depressed and upset that now I had a new symptom.

I called Shuli and right away she knew what was going on with me. I couldn’t believe how accurate she was! We started releasing some beliefs and then when she told me to move my foot, I was moving it fine and I wasn’t limping anymore. I couldn’t have done this without her!

Thank you so much!

I feel better and hopeful about my future and my relationships with myself and others.

Erika Rivera

5 stars
Shuli is a true healer. Not only physical but also in the emotional. Her great touch and communication skill will guide you towards healing and self discovery. I’ve seen her for multiple aches and pains in my body from my hip, shoulders, neck, legs. Every time I see her my problems spots improve. She’s awesome no doubt

George Cheng



How long are energy balancing sessions with Shuli?

They are one hour long

Do you have clothes on?

Yes! Energy balancing sessions are fully clothed.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that can stretch, such as leggings or jogging pants and an exercise shirt.

How to get the most out of your energy balancing session?

Drink plenty of water afterwards, since sessions can detoxing.

How much does an energy balancing session cost?

Each session is $150.

How can I pay?

You can pay via cash, check, or any major credit card.

Is this Reiki?

Although Shuli is trained in Reiki, these energy healing sessions are not the same as Reiki.

Is this a hands-on treatment?

Parts of an energy balancing session may or may not be hands-on. This may vary depending on the session, as the treatment is tailored for you.

Should I choose a reflexology appointment or an energy balancing session with Shuli?

You don’t have to choose! Shuli will discuss with you at the time of the appointment and integrate whatever energy treatment is called for. If you have foot pain, then she will likely recommend incorporating reflexology into the treatment.

Your energy work with me over the past few years has truly changed my life.

You have a way of knowing exactly what I need, ask the right questions, and bring out what needs to come out for my healing to begin and to continue.

Pains in my body that I have carried for decades that I have tried to relieve with only massage, or only Chiropractic but keep coming back, have almost all but gone thanks to your energy work.

The more I have worked with you the easier it has been to feel a release and a shift as soon as we are done with our sessions.

The tools and practices that you have helped me to implement after our sessions have truly worked for me and continue to through this day so that if the pain does come back I can quickly make the shift myself to stop it.

It is incredible how our busy subconscious minds are attached to our body and how it runs. You helped me to unlock that and make me feel better and pain free naturally. 

Thank you so much! I will see you next time I am in town.

Joanne Flores

My massage and energy work with Shuli has been amazing and therapeutic in many ways. She intuitively know where the energy work needs to be done. I leave feeling lighter and more centered. I may even learn something about myself as I didn’t know I was holding a certain trauma or worry in my body. Her massage technique truly relaxes and helps with all the aches and pains as well. Regular appointments with Shuli are a must! 

Julie SmithThe SAM Foundation
It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has. ~Hippocrates

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