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Energetic Space Clearing

Renew the vibe of your space
to feel lighter and more “at home”

What is an Energetic Space Clearing?

An All Worlds Space Clearing is a gentle treatment for your home or other space to remove old heaviness or feelings of “denseness” that are lingering from the past. The clearing helps to lift the “vibe” of your space.

This is not a Marie Kondo cleaning!  Although I love Marie Kondo and her feng shui tools, an All Worlds Space Clearing is not for reorganizing your home or cleaning up physical clutter.

Instead, an All Worlds space clearing addresses the more subtle energetic dimensions — the ones we can often feel but most of us cannot see.

If you’ve ever had a cranial osteopathic treatment from Dr. Dijamco, you’ll get the idea because it’s a similar kind of treatment except instead of for a person, it’s for a space.

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Consider an Energetic Space Clearing if You’ve…

➤ Have had a major life transition, such as a death, divorce, new

baby, new home, or another shift.

➤ Feel stressed-out or anxious and can’ t relax at home.

➤ Sense you are sharing the space with another presence.

➤ Live in a historic area, such as near a battlefield

➤ Think the air in your home feels heavy.

➤ Don’t feel more at ease when you get home.

➤ Suffer from insomnia and feel restless at night.

➤ Find there always seems to be something wrong with the

house — more so than expected for normal house maintenance.

➤ Need clear boundaries because your neighbor keeps bothering you.

➤ Want to sell your home quickly and get the most value.


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What It Could Be Like Afterwards

♥ When you walk in, you feel a sense of peace. You feel at ease and happy to be home.

♥ Your home is a safe and nourishing nest for you and your family.

♥ The air is lighter. Any denseness has lifted.

♥ When you walk through the house, it feels integrated and seamless. Each room feels connected to the whole.

♥ You are able to reclaim your space. You feel even more at home in your home.

It feels like yours and feels inviting for others ( including potential buyers) .

♥ The home no longer feels like you are “sharing” it, which can be a phenomenon common in older homes.

♥ Visits from family and friends could flow more smoothly.

♥ You feel more like yourself.


“It has made such a difference in my home. I will never forget my dog’s reaction that night! And also how the air in the house felt completely different. I still can’t thank you enough for what you’ve already done! I gave the house a good spraying last night and this morning the air was so much lighter! Especially through the doorways, which I gave a double dose. Really don’ t know what to say for all of your help but thank you!!! You are a blessing.”

~David Nash


How does it work?

A space clearing is a gentle yet profound treatment for the home. You’ll get the benefit of Dr. Dijamco’s natural intuitive gifts combined with over a decade of training in energy healing.


What do you get?

✓ Customized plan just for your home

By meditating beforehand, Dr. Dijamco will connect with the space and create a custom space-clearing plan.

✓ Visit to your home by Dr. Dijamco

Dr. Dijamco takes time to conducts the space-clearings in-person unless otherwise requested (see distant-clearings below).

✓ Assistance of trained staff

To assist her in the clearing, Dr. Dijamco will bring one trained staff-member.

✓ Clearing of all interior spaces

All living spaces in the home are addressed during the clearing.

✓ Hand-blended flower essence spray made for your home

Flower essences are amazing helpers in lifting stuck patterns.

✓ Explanation of findings

After the clearing, we’ll discuss any essential findings and transformations with you.

✓ Personalized maintenance instructions

Afterwards, you’ll receive a unique set of instructions to help you maintain your home’s clarity.


Optional add-ons

✓  Additional instructions if you are selling your home

If you would like, you can request for additional input to help sell your home.

✓ Space-clearing for the yard or exterior of the home

If there are outdoor spaces, that you would like to be energetically cleared, you can add those to the project for an additional fee.


Do you have to be home during the clearing?

No. Although you can be present during the home clearing, if you wish, it is not necessary.


Will any scents be used?

Possibly, although it is not entirely necessary. The flower essence sprays are typically made with rosewater but can be made with a neutral spray if needed.

We will discuss with you beforehand if any lighted candles, sage, or other clearing smokes or scents could be used. No scents or smokes will be used without your prior permission.


Is it possible to clear only part of a home?

Yes, this service is for your benefit. We will clear only the spaces that you wish for us to.


Does Dr. Dijamco offer clearings for other spaces besides homes?

Yes! Any space can be cleared, from office spaces to restaurants to farms.


How much does an energetic space clearing cost?

Although each home and space is unique, here are some guidelines in terms of determining costs:

Single family home > 10,000 Sq. Ft. … contact us for estimate

Single family home ~ 7000 to 10,000 Sq. Ft. … $3000

Single family home ~ 4000 to 7000 Sq. Ft. … $2000

Single family home < 4000 Sq. Ft.  … $1500

Condo / Apartment … $1000

Travel time (distance from office) … $200/hour


Can space clearings be done at a distance?

Yes, Dr. Dijamco can do space clearings distantly. These are priced at about one-half of the in-person clearings. See below for a review on a distant clearing.


“I had always felt uneasy about one of my rooms in my home. After some redecorating and moving furniture around, I felt even more uncomfortable going in and out of the room. It was as though I was unwelcomed in my own home! After consulting with Dr. Dijamco, she was quick to respond to my needs and made me feel hopeful. After giving her a drawing of the floor plan of my home, she was able to help clear the heavy presence!

After the cleanse, walking into my home was a completely different experience! Everything felt lighter and brighter and easier to breathe! I was curious about how I would feel in that specific room after the cleansing and it was amazing. Usually I’d feel like I can’t stay in that room long, as though it “wasn’t mine” but after Dr. Dijamco’s cleansing, it felt peaceful. Actually, it felt warm and soothing! I was amazed, not only with the physical feeling of the room and entire home, but the fact that she was able to perform this from a different state! I cannot thank Dr. Dijamco enough for giving my family a sense of peace and light in our home 💕”

~Catherine R.

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