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Rainbow 5-Flower Rosewater Spray


An all-purpose rosewater spray for general calm and grounding. You can use it to help clear static in your energy field as well as for energetic space-clearing. There are so many ways you can use it! This Rainbow 5-Flower Rosewater Spray also makes an excellent face tonic, pillow spray, and bath infusion. The 5-Flower essences are similar to Bach’s Rescue Remedy.It’s gentle and safe to use for all ages. Each purchase will come with instructions for use as seen below. These are great gifts for empaths (feeler-types). FREE shipping!


Ways to use your flower essence rosewater spray:

1) To rebalance your energy field:

a. Spray all around you (in front, sides, behind)

b. Or, spray in your palms, then with bent elbows, hold your palms face up and let your energy field “drink up” the essence for 20-30 seconds or whatever feels good to you

c. Spray on your body after showering or bathing

d. Mist over your pillow/bed before going to sleep


2) For space-clearing: spray in each corner and center of room


3) As a facial toner: mist over your face twice a day after cleansing


How often to use the spray? You can use it freely! Twice a day if you’re unsure, or whenever and as often as you wish.


With love,

Dr. Arlene Dijamco

The MultiDimensional MD



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