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Patients’ stories

We are honored to be a part of people’s lives and treasure these relationships. The patients’ stories you see here will give you a sense of what we can accomplish together. Our patients inspire us everyday, and I hope their stories will inspire you.
Dr. Dijamco is the absolute sweetest, most caring doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting out of the 50 I’ve seen in the last five years for my Tourette’s. Carrie has been an equally powerful part of my healing journey. She has so much compassion and empathy for others. From day one, both have listened, encouraged, and loved. They always greet me with a hug and a smile! I am finally learning what true healing means – all thanks to these two beautiful souls!! I love you both endlessly!
Halee StoneChristian singer-songwriter
Arlene Dijamco quite literally saved my life!  That in itself should be enough, but she did so by thoughtfully listening and creatively responding. She recognized that some medicine, prescribed previously by another doctor, was making me sicker and slowly “killing” me.

I admit that, when she was first performing cranial osteopathic treatments, I could not even tell if she was doing anything until I felt the results. She provided a series of homeopathic remedies, as well, and together with some minor lifestyle changes, my blood pressure went down and my energy came back up!

I am eternally grateful.

Jeanie Robertson
Our family started seeing Dr. Dijamco when my son was a few months old. He had torticollis, and Dr. Dijamco was the first doctor to diagnose him and offer a non-invasive plan for treatment. Under her care, his condition improved significantly in a short time. Furthermore, she cleared a blocked tear duct that had plagued him for months, and we were thrilled to avoid the surgical procedures that some doctors recommend for this issue.

A few years later, my husband started seeing Dr. Djiamco to help address painful, and sometimes debilitating, intestinal issues that had become chronic. Multiple gastroenterologists recommended that he have part of his colon removed, but he didn’t feel that this would help solve the root cause of his symptoms. After he consulted with Dr. Dijamco, she developed a plan that called for a combination of dietary changes, supplements, remedies, and treatment that has helped him manage the primary cause of his symptoms and avoid surgery.

I have seen Dr. Dijamco for a variety of reasons over the last four years, including postpartum concerns, anxiety management, and general health. Her expertise, combined with her gentle and compassionate spirit, has proven indispensable for our family’s overall good health. We are so thankful for her and her wonderful practice at All Worlds!

Kelley Hogue
I tell everyone I know that I’ve had three life-changing and amazing experiences that stand out in my life – meeting my husband, having my children, and my experience being treated by Dr. Dijamco. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. She is the most caring and gifted healer, and I am so grateful for her and her gift to help others.
Cortney CampbellBlogger mom at
Dr. Dijamco helped me stop an ulcerative colitis flare-up without steroids for the fist time since getting the disease nine years ago. She taught me to be empowered by food choices, and it made all the difference. I am so grateful for her!
Laura Troup
I cannot say enough about Dr. Dijamco and her natural ability to feel what my baby needs. I was induced at thirty-six weeks, and my son had to be vacuumed. This was a traumatic birth for Bodhi. He was always a happy baby, but he seemed to be tense. At the recommendation of my co-worker, I made an appointment with Dr. Dijamco. When she started working on Bodhi, he immediately relaxed. It was amazing to see my baby respond to her so quickly. His body language changed, and he started talking non-stop. I come from a holistic background, but I brought my mom who did not. She couldn’t believe the change in Bodhi and has been raving about Dr. Dijamco to all of her friends. Whether or not you think your child needs an adjustment from Dr. Dijamco, I can promise you they do. If your child feels great… why not make them feel AMAZING!! We will be patients of Dr. Dijamco for life.
Chris RamseyBodhi's mom
Dr Dijamco is the single most compassionate, capable, wise and gifted healer I’ve ever met. It is in no way an overstatement to say that she has changed my life. For 36 years, I’ve struggled with allergies, anxiety & depression. Since I was 19 years old, I have seen various psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, etc. I’ve been prescribed all kinds of antidepressants and migraine medicines over the past 15 years. But until I met Dr Dijamco, nothing ever truly lifted the real burdens on my heart and mind. It is impossible to truly put into words what she has done for me, and even more, what she is helping me learn to do for myself. I feel more balanced and empowered than I ever have. My general wellbeing & heath feels so much more stable & manageable. My gratitude & awe for Dr Dijamco is just beyond words.
Caroline Carr
My sweet baby boy took his first breath to mom screaming in pain as an emergency C-section hit a nerve that the epidural did not block. I had fallen twice during pregnancy, the baby had an irregular heartbeat in utero, and after a miraculous birth, he was tongue-tied plus had torticollis and head lag. Traumatic birth? Check! We did neuromuscular re-education therapy for torticollis and head lag for three to six months with good results. A chiropractor adjustment at nine months improved his balance and strength, but asymmetry still presented and his speech at eighteen months was delayed. He could speak, it was just slowly processed, he never put two words together on his own and his language was difficult to understand. The pediatrician will tell you that this is normal, but he is my fourth child and I had instinct.

At twenty months, we found Dr. Dijamco’s cranial osteopathy. After the first treatment, we went home and my baby boy looked in the fridge and said, “Juice box?” Words started coming quicker, clearer, and two at a time. “Daddy’s car, paci, night, night” were some of the few. After his second treatment a month later, he was released from Babies Can’t Wait therapy, his gait was more fluid, he could jump on two feet, his strength improved, he was swinging on everything and he could say phrases like “Fire truck and juice please.” We came back one month later for the third treatment and I kid you not, he came home chanting “Happy Birthday to you” … For us, his pathway to speech has completely opened. We are grateful for this awesome intervention.

Funny quote from my 11-year old: “Mom, most families save money so they can go to Disney World. But we save money so we can all get a cranial osteopathy treatment!”

There are SO many wonderful things to say about Dr. Arlene. Something very special about her is that she genuinely takes an interest in your health and YOU in general. You are not just her patient; you are so much more. I had been suffering from severe neck and back pain since I was 15 years old, and I just turned 23. Eight years is a long time to be vomiting almost every month from often debilitating pain. I had seen many doctors and even got a brain scan! However, no one could help me. I finally started going to the chiropractor more often, and was feeling better but very short-term, for a few days at a time. What a change I have seen! Since my last appointment with Dr. Arlene, I have now been almost a month without my chronic and intense pain!

I think the best thing about her is that not only does she help to relieve the pain through her osteopathic movements, but she taught me how to realize where my pain is truly stemming from and how it strongly ties to my emotions. I now have one of the most important life lessons I have EVER learned that can help me when I feel pain starting. She truly is a lifesaver…because now I have my life back!

Rachel Foody
I tell everyone I know that I’ve had three life-changing and amazing experiences that stand out in my life – meeting my husband, having my children, and my experience being treated by Dr. Dijamco.- Cortney Campbell, blogger mom at
Twenty minutes after leaving your office Penelope is nursing! Talbot has not ever been able to have this experience before, so I just wanted to say thank you and we are very grateful. - Eric Bussey
Dr. Dijamco has helped my daughter back into remission with Crohn's disease. She's very intuitive and knows what my daughter needs each visit. We recommend her to anyone dealing with autoimmune conditions or any health concerns that require more than a simple fix.- Angela Brettschneider, counselor
My son was sick for a few months, when he was constantly wheezing and his pneumonia kept returning. After four “rounds” of different antibiotics, my wife and I decided it was time to try something different. Fortunately, we heard of Dr Dijamco’s practice and scheduled an appointment. We saw a significant improvement immediately at and after the first treatment. With a few more treatments, his wheezing and pneumonia went away, and his health and immune system has improved significantly. Since then, we started taking our daughter to be treated by Dr Dijamco as well.

You are not just “another billable patient” to Dr. Dijamco. She actually takes time to listen to you and does everything she can to help. Thank you Dr. Dijamco for your help and care.

Adis Bojcic
Dr. Dijamco has been an absolute gift to both of my children and myself, and a central part of our journey toward complete health and healing. We have seen her for over three years as my son continues to recover from an autoimmune disorder. He is thriving now both at home and at school, largely because of Dr. Dijamco’s excellent care. I’ve personally experienced increase mental clarity and emotional balance from her treatments. And both my children have benefited immensely from her breadth of knowledge, insight, and pure talent. Dr. Dijamco can understand and discuss symptoms and treatment from a bio-chemical and medicinal standpoint from her stellar medical education and experience; and she can approach the same situation from an energetic, nutritional, or psychological standpoint. Her holistic repertoire is unsurpassed, and her flower essence formulations are wonderfully effective!

Most importantly, Dr. Dijamco has been there for us through some frightening and challenging health crises, bringing all her knowledge, skills, and compassion to see us through unscathed. We are far healthier and whole for having seen her for the past three years. All of her staff and associated practitioners are the loveliest people as well. We just love going to All Worlds! Every time I do my sun salutations I send gratitude for three things to the Universe. More than once Dr. Dijamco has been one of them.

Angela Braden Mom, parenting coach, author, activist, creator of
Dr. Arlene Dijamco is the most patient, loving doctor I have seen with kids. As a mother, I feel so happy that she knows when to treat the holistic and/or traditional way and how she takes time to give you advice (nutrition, vitamins, etc). I had taken Diego various times last year, around the fall and winter, to see his regular pediatrician because of a cough. The cough would come and go, come and go, and the prescription was always to use an inhaler with a chamber. I did not like it, so I took Diego to see Dr. Dijamco. She treated Diego using holistic medicine, and the cough was gone both times in one day. My experience has been great, I highly recommend All Worlds Pediatrics. 🙂 
Isabel OspinaSpanish teacher
If it were not for Dr. Dijamco, I would not have my baby boy. Before I saw her, I had been through three unsuccessful in vitro fertilization treatments and was feeling depleted, both physically and emotionally. I was just about ready to throw in the towel. Having exhausted my options locally, I traveled to Georgia to see Arlene. After about a week of intensive treatments, I already felt miles better.

Over the next year and a half, Arlene helped me rebalance my body, heal my spirit, and take a holistic approach to fertility and living well. She used a range of techniques, from blood tests and supplements, to diet and energy work.  I felt nurtured and cared for, rather than helpless and in the dark.  I really put my trust in her. The amazing end result was that I got pregnant naturally, to the surprise of all my allopathic doctors. I have a beautiful one-year-old baby boy.

Because of Arlene’s treatment, I now live a life that is more balanced and healthy than ever before. And I’m able to do that for my baby too! I can’t thank her enough or recommend her more highly.

Dr. Dijamco is a phenomenal doctor! She has a calm and intuitive nature and is also extremely intelligent. In a time when so many people are quick to ask for an antibiotic for any ailment, Dr. Dijamco’s integrative approach is refreshing and tees children up for lifelong health. She combines the best of traditional medical practices with a time-tested holistic approach that yields great results.
Janet WalsmithEntrepreneurial mom
After a decade of seeing a traditional pediatrician, a friend recommended Dr. Dijamco. Our youngest son was exhibiting unusual twitching in his neck. Our pediatrician, who did not even evaluate him, was convinced that he had Tourette Syndrome, and she sent us off with a referral to a specialist. We opted to visit Dr. Dijamco.

Her kind manner and sincere interest was a welcome change. After speaking with our son and evaluating the twitches, she determined that his school backpack was far too heavy for his small frame. She recommended a backpack with wheels and gave him an osteopathic treatment, which relieved him of the knots that had developed in his neck. The twitches disappeared and have never returned.

Dr. Dijamco’s integrative approach encouraged our boys to take an active role in their health, to have the confidence to ask questions and to realize that there are often options to treating ailments. What a gift!

Dr. Arlene Dijamco solved a chronic problem of mine – in just one visit. I’d had a pain in my middle back ever since a fall twenty years ago. Countless visits over the years to chiropractors and neuromuscular massage therapists helped to relieve the constant ache. Yoga and other forms of stretching helped, too. Honestly, after all that time, I never expected more from my visit to Dr. Dijamco other than a week or so of some relief. For that alone I would have been very grateful. Wow! Was I surprised to get immediate DEEP relief. I practically floated out of her office, I felt so good!!! I really enjoyed that pain-free day, then another, and many more! I had lived with the pain for so long that I had forgotten what it felt like to feel light-hearted, breathe easily and deeply, and be truly energetic. Thank you, Dr. Arlene Dijamco for making me feel younger and happier!
Danna CainLandscape architect at
Dr. Dijamco has helped our whole family over the past two and a half years. She has cared for my husband, our 11-year-old son, and myself. She’s helped with [issues like] sinus infections, anxiety, grief process, allergies, eczema, digestion, ADD, the flu, and more. She has been a constant source of wisdom, encouragement, and whole-hearted healing for our family. She has cared for and guided us all three in body, mind, and spirit. We all agree, every time we leave her office, we each feel so much better.  She is among the best of the best!  We are  SO lucky to have her here in Roswell, right in our own backyard!

Dr. Dijamco exemplifies deep compassion and an attentive commitment to the highest good for all children, young and old and all ages. I believe she is a gifted healer… a light worker with precious special gifts to share with our community and the world.  Dr. Dijamco has helped our family in extraordinary ways to improve our health and wellness…so we can be more present, loving, and a happier family together. I am SO thankful to her and the All Worlds Health team!

Maggie GodhardMother and educator
Dr. Dijamco is one of the most compassionate people and physicians we’ve been able to see. Her skill, dedication to her patients, and her genuine care are outstanding. We came to her practice seeking help in treating our daughter’s recent seizures. We were new to osteopathy but wanted to try an alternative to the commonly prescribed drug therapies. After the first cranial treatment, her seizures decreased from one to two a day to only having two total in the entire month following. We are very encouraged and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dijamco to anyone seeking effective, integrative care for health concerns.
Heidi Sweeney
Arlene is an original!! Caring, creative, and willing to think outside the box to address all of your child’s health and development needs. She is knowledgeable and willing to sit and talk!! Your child will get incredible one-on-one attention 100% of the time.
Susan OrloffOccupational therapist and owner of Children's Special Services
Dr. Arlene Dijamco’s teachings have really made an impact upon our family, changing it for the better. She really takes the time to get to know her patients, asking all the right questions to fully assess the situation. Through her careful and thorough overview, she’s alleviated many of our focus and attention issues due to dairy… She’s put me on a vitamin regimen that has really helped me achieve better balance and more calm amidst all the daily chaos of motherhood.

The best part is you naturally feel better after working with her, not on some prescription high that you’d get from regular doctors. She really teaches you how best to listen to your body and has solutions that work for children, even picky ones. Dr. Dijamco is always my number one go-to source for all health-related questions.  I know she’ll always take the time and will have the answers.

Kerry VealeMom of three
Arlene Dijamco quite literally saved my life! That in itself should be enough, but she did so by thoughtfully listening and creatively responding.- Jeanie Robertson
Dr. Dijamco is absolutely amazing!! We have never met a doctor with more compassion and true caring for her patients. We've found our forever doctor!- Stephanie Hack
Dr. Dijamco ... taught me to be empowered by food choices, and it made all the difference. I am so grateful for her!- Laura Troup
Here are just some of the ways that Dr. D has helped me:

  1. My optometrist confirmed that my eyesight had improved considerably after seeing Dr. D twice.
  2. My draining, itchy ears have improved.
  3. Most of my worst menopausal symptoms have stopped or improved.
  4. I’m calmer and more even-keeled emotionally since she helped me let go of old, painful stuff.
  5. She helped me pick out eating plans that my body wanted, and I was able let go of a considerable amount of weight, which has improved my overall health.
  6. She also helped cleanse my liver and gallbladder without having to do The Hulda Clark Cleanse.

These are just a few  things I can think of.

But most of all, I love having a doctor who is also a healer and treats all of me not just my symptoms!!!

Renae Smith
Our experience with Dr Dijamco was fantastic. As first-time parents, she coached us through the first months of Isaac’s life with sincerity and understanding. I will never forget Isaac’s first osteopathic treatment just a day after he was born. Dr. Dijamco gave him his treatment while I was holding him. And when she moved away, he took this deep breath and let it out so slowly and softly. Not only was it so cute, but it really seemed as if he had been put into a state of relaxation and well being. Any practice is lucky to have her, and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.
Having personally seen integrative doctors for the past fifteen years with success, it was only natural that I would want the same care for my kids after they were born. While integrative medicine is becoming more mainstream, it is still not easy to find someone that specializes in the needs of children. When Dr. Dijamco set up a practice in our town, I couldn’t believe our family’s luck! For every issue that we came in with, Dr. Dijamco always thought about it from a whole mind/body perspective and each child’s specific needs. Her dedication to get to the root of the issue, as opposed to just treating the symptoms, was apparent.

When my newborn was colicky and not gaining weight after a long and difficult birth, she worked with me on my diet (as a nursing mom) and also provided osteopathic treatments. Both helped my baby turn the corner. When one of my children had an ear infection, I trusted her guidance as to when it was treatable with integrative methods and when antibiotics were necessary. I can’t say enough good things about the Dr. Dijamco’s passion, intelligence, dedication and warm, welcoming way with her patients.

I just wanted to say thank you!  My husband is like a completely different person since his appointment with you. I honestly can’t believe the difference. Thank you, thank you!
I brought my 3-year-old son to see Dr. Dijamco in the fall of 2016. I was immediately put at ease by the office staff and the general good energy in the office. Once I met Dr. Dijamco for the first time, I understood where the good energy came from! She is one of the most gentle and caring doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. She truly cares about her patients and the process of healing the body, as opposed to simply treating symptoms. When she felt the time was right, she suggested I see her homeopath, Carrie. Carrie is an equally beautiful person who works diligently to heal her patients, help them understand the role of homeopathy in healing, and teaches them how to be kind to themselves. They have both not only helped my son in his healing journey but have helped me as well so that I can be my best self for him.

I look forward to my continued time with All Worlds Pediatrics for my son and for myself! I plan on being a patient there for years to come and find the practice to be a critical addition to my son’s growth and development!

M. Scales
I had been fighting vertigo for two years. I went to three ENT’s with no luck. The last ENT finally said, “Go to a neurologist, it is not your inner ear.” I went to a neurologist and the first thing he says is, “I think you should see an ENT.” … Great. The neurologist also tried a migraine medication, which luckily worked at muting the dizzy spells. I believed the medication was a Band-Aid and not a solution, so I had to personally keep searching. I read up on homeopathic treatments a came across Cranial Osteopathy. After trying everything else, I thought it was worth a try as it seemed to make sense for my condition (since I’d had previous head injuries). I found Dr. Dijamco’s website and asked if she could help, even though I am in my late 20s. Dr. Dijamco was enthusiastic and supportive to try and help me with my condition.

After the first visit, I noticed a dramatic change and began to reduce my medication. I had not felt so relaxed in a long time. After my third visit, I am now completely off my medication and I have not had any dizziness in two months. Dr. Dijamco has helped me understand what was going inside my head based on her Cranial Osteopathy assessment and adjustment. Whatever was happening, I am now fixed and Dr. Dijamco’s experienced and caring touch has brought me here. Thanks for all of your help!

You are one of the most compassionate doctors we have ever met. Your unconditional acceptance of E.K. and all her medical and emotional issues has been a blessing for me and my family. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I truly know E.K. would not be on her path to recovery if it hadn’t been for your support. You are irreplaceable!
My son’s torticollis prevented him from comfortably moving his neck, his range of motion was very restricted, and he really couldn’t even handle tummy time. His primary pediatrician recommended a helmet to reshape his head. I just couldn’t face putting him through that. [Dr. Dijamco] was the perfect answer to all our problems. After the first visit, my son could completely lift his head during tummy time, and his eye that turned in a little bit was back to looking forward and open like the other one. It was absolutely amazing.
Casey Lynn
Dr. Dijamco was our son and daughter’s pediatrician before she relocated to Georgia. During the time we worked with Dr. Dijamco, we were always impressed with her professionalism and gentle manner. Not only did Dr. Dijamco provide the traditional services we needed, such as annual wellness exams and sick visits, she incorporated her knowledge of nutrition/ supplements and osteopathic skills to ensure our children received more comprehensive, holistic treatments. We had some challenging and unusual medical issues that previous doctors were unable help with. Not only did Dr. Dijamco’s knowledge and skills get us through those difficult times, but her gentle and kind ways made it easier to endure.

Her concern for our family’s health and well-being was always sincere. Not only did the children feel completely at ease with her, they actually enjoyed going to the office to see her. No matter how ill they felt walking into the office, they always walked out with a smile! I can honestly say that we truly felt a loss when she left. She is a very kind, knowledgeable, and skilled doctor. Those who enter into her practice will quickly realize what a blessing she is. My entire family wishes her all the best and whole-heartedly recommends her.

The Siroonians
After a decade of seeing a traditional pediatrician, a friend recommended Dr. Dijamco. Our youngest son was exhibiting unusual twitching in his neck. Our pediatrician, who did not even evaluate him, was convinced that he had Tourette’s Syndrome, and she sent us off with a referral to a specialist. We opted to visit Dr. Dijamco. Her kind manner and sincere interest was a welcome change. After speaking with our son and evaluating the twitches, she determined that his school backpack was far too heavy for his small frame. She recommended a backpack with wheels, and an osteopathic treatment that relieved him of the knots that had developed in his neck. The twitches disappeared and have never returned. Dr. Dijamco’s integrative approach encouraged our boys to take an active role in their health, to have the confidence to ask questions, and to realize that there are often options to treating ailments. What a gift! We all miss her!
I wanted to send you an email earlier to tell you how much of a change it made in ***’s attitude, breathing and general well-being after her last appointment. She is back to her sweet self now. It was instantaneous! Thank you!! We are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Love Heals

All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.
~The Beatles

    Love helps heal, and we truly love all of our patients. If you love us too, please consider sharing your story to help inspire others. Thank you! Your words mean so much to us and to people everywhere.